TWC – A blog a day keeps the ________ away…

Well that title makes no sense.  Moving on…

My goal for the week was to write literally every day – and woot, go me, I did that!  I haven’t found my groove yet as to what I’ll be focusing on (as you can tell, it will have something to do with running, but beyond that, I’m at a loss), but it feels good to just write stuff down.  If anyone out there has some topics for me, just shout ‘em out ;)

Now, for the steps to actually writing each day, that is a little trickier.  Let’s take a look back.

  • Wake up at 5 am – boom – hold that “boom” there for a second, Earles. So, the first day I did this, my kid woke up sick at 6 am and I stayed home from work. Luckily I got to take 2 naps to make up for that time.  
    Thursday, good.
    Friday, stayed up too late the night before at a baseball game.
    Saturday, sleep in (when the toddler sleeps until 8, the mommy sleeps until 8).
    Sunday, sleep in.
    Monday, ugh, Monday, do I even need to say anything.
    Tuesday, start hitting snooze at 5:00 am, finally get up at 5:45, head in to work early :/
    Wednesday, good.
    So – getting up at 5 may just be too early for me, but, that being said, getting up at 5:30 still gets me some time to post my workout for the day, and I can make time at lunch to work on another post for the day.
  • Be settled in bed by 10 – this kind of interrupted step 1, so it’s something I’m still working on. If I can get in bed tonight by 9, I will.  I also say this at least twice a week, and it rarely actually happens.
  • No more technology in bed – this I stuck to, and plan to stick to, and plan to nag the hubs about. I actually like this step best, it really does help with quality of sleep!

Coming up next, TWC week 2!




07.30.2014 – Today’s Workout


I have no idea what workout to do tonight, so I’m taking it to Facebook to help me decide.  See, I’m not great at cross-training, but it is so important for runners (or so I hear).  And, running isn’t the most effective form of cardio for weight loss (or so I’ve experienced).  I’ll update later with what I plan on doing.

Last night’s run – 2.25 miles with a .75 mile cool down. Pace was about a 10-minute mile, which I’m pretty happy with. There was about a 2-minute walk in the middle of that 2.25 miles – note to self, do not eat ice cream before running, it just results in a cramp literally right under your ribs that you just can’t rub out.  


07.29.2014 – Today’s Workout


Tonight, I’ll be aiming for 2.5 mile run, .75 mile walk/cool down.  We’ve got beautiful temps in OKC, so this should be a perfect night for a “longer” run.

Last night was a 1 mile walk to the park and lots of swinging with the kiddo. Perfect night (and Daddy picked Cam up at the park, so I walked home with an empty wagon -___-  awkward).


Eating like a runner…

Disclaimer: I am drinking a Dr. Pepper and eating chinese food from Whole Foods while I write this.

The best runs are ones that are fueled well – I thought I would document when I had a good run (last night – 07.27.2014) and what I ate that day, so I can try to mimic that throughout the week.  That being said, it is really hard to be running, in the heat, and not be starving for all things sugary and carby the following day and even that night. So, a goal of mine is to eat better in general, and here’s my fuel from yesterday.

Breakfast – scrambled eggs with spinach
Lunch – tomato and hummus sandwich – yep, exactly what it sounds like. 2 pieces of toast, red pepper hummus, sliced tomato.  Throw some basil and spinach on there too for some extra veggies
Dinner – Broccoli, cheese and rice, cucumber and tomato salad, coconut/almond milk.

Pretty simple.  Now if I can just repeat that on the daily, then I may just knock out some longer runs with ease.

Grub for the week

I should have taken a pic of our grocery run, but totally forgot (and it really wasn’t all that interesting to be honest), but here’s what we are eating this week (along with some fresh tomatoes and cucumbers from our garden).

This one pot pasta recipe I’m sure you’ve seen on pinterest 3,000 times. I made it with brown rice pasta (which stuck to the bottom a bit), but was super filling with just a small portion. (pinterest link here)

This broccoli, cheese and rice recipe – I couldn’t find quinoa at the store (that wasn’t $6 for a bag), so I did this over a brown rice medley. The cheese sauce is freaking amazing. (the detoxinista website is here

And lastly, we’ll have taco salads with the best fake meat on the planet (I know, we eat fake meat, it’s weird).  Check it out at We’ll have this with spinach, black beans, spanish brown rice, tomatoes, corn and avocado (oh, and of course some blue corn tortilla chips – duh).

07.27.2014 – Today’s Workout

I have a love/hate relationship with Sundays (which is worthy of an entirely separate blog post…), but what I love is that Sunday is LONG RUN day!  That’s right, I said I love long run day (I won’t be saying that come later this round of training, but hear me out).  I just love starting the week with finishing out a long run, especially if the run is a good one.

Today’s workout:
2 mile run
1 mile cool down walk

Now, that being said, today’s run wasn’t all that long (it was long for me – ha!), but it definitely felt good to go out and run 2 miles in 20 minutes (woot!) and not just want to die. In 1 week I start training (woot!) and in 2 weeks I’ve got the first of four 5ks.

Let’s just say – I feel like this (and y’all, I wish I looked like this!)!


happy to run



07.26.2014 – Today’s Workout

Super simple, because it’s SATURDAY!!

1 mile walk to the park (dragging toddler in wagon)

100 various crunches

5 :10 plank

Yesterday’s workout was great! I didn’t get to the video I posted, but I ran 1.5 miles and walked .75 miles – then gabbed in the cul de sac with my neighbors for 2 hours (way too late! luckily Cam slept until 8 – things that never happen!).