07.24.2014 – Today’s Workout

Or more like no-workout day – It’s rest day!

Well, “rest day” is more aptly named “chase toddler around crowded suite at a baseball game day,” but that’s a little bit much, dontcha think?

It’s 100 degrees in OK, and we’re going to watch the Redhawks (tickets and suite and food courtesy of my awesome employer and one of our awesome media vendors), and I’m bound to be climbing some stairs and most definitely sweating, so we’ll call that a workout in itself…

Maybe if I’m real industrious when I get home, I’ll do some crunches and planks – we’ll see…

Last night’s workout (what I really accomplished):
Run: 1 mile
Run/Walk: 1.5 miles (who am I kidding, that should really be walk/run, but whatevs)
Cooldown: walk .5 miles, stretch and pant like a dog for 15 minutes.
The good: 10 minute mile for my run – whoop!
The bad: My goal was to run 2 miles, and I just didn’t have it in me (well I did, but my head didn’t – need to work on that) because…
The ugly: Sweat, lots and lots of sweat. Running at 8:00 PM in July in Oklahoma is just. so. sweaty.


07.23.2014 – Today’s Workout

Y’all – it’s freaking hot, but that can’t stop me from getting a run in (I may just run at like 9 PM because it’s. just. so. hot).

So, today’s (tonight’s) workout:

2 mile jog
.75 mile walk
Stretching/leg rolling/water chugging cool down

It’s 5:48 AM, so I’ll update you tomorrow morning on how it went.

What does your workout look like for today?  Any advice on fitting in extra fitness throughout the day?


TWC – This Week’s Challenge

I thought it would be fun/interesting/necessary to challenge myself to a new habit (or a change to an old habit) each week.  I’m coming up on my 31st birthday, which for some reason, has me feeling very quarter-life crisis-y (would it be third-life since I’m over 30??). Anyway – I have some goals that I’ll be sharing on my birthday, and accomplishing those goals is going to take some discipline and some change, so here we are ;)

The point is to create a habit that sticks. I know you can’t do this over just a week, so the challenges will be small and will build upon themselves.  The other point is to make this so simple (and repetitive) that it eliminates the chance for decision burnout, where I just have too many choices to make, dreams to follow, sh*t to think of, and I binge watch old episodes of Friends and eat ice cream instead.

Whoa, that took a turn.  Anywho…

This week, my goal is to dedicate time to blogging on a daily basis.  No certain amount of time per day, no number of posts or requirements, just sit down and write daily.  Because no one is becoming a successful lifestyle blogger by literally not blogging.

  • So every challenge takes a few steps to achieve it, and here are mine:
    Wake up at 5 am – boom, just made 30-45 extra minutes in my day.  I’m a morning person y’all, so this is no big deal.
  • Be settled in bed by 10 – oh, because you have to actually go to sleep at a decent hour to get up at 5. I think last night just the thought of starting this new habit had me tossing and turning. We’ll call that a fluke for now.
  • No more technology in bed – and I mean it.  Do you know why you stay up too late and can’t fall asleep? A) Because you’re dorking around for like an hour on Facebook when you get in bed and B) You’ve just shined a bright light in your eye bulbs for like an hour, totally disrupting your eyes seeing that it is dark and your brain producing melatonin to make you sleepy (there is science to back this up, I swear).

So there it is – week 1/challenge 1 – write daily.  


So, what’s with the name?

Do you know how hard it is to name a blog?

Maybe not.

But really, I haven’t blogged in several years – and when I did, it was really a family blog, then a pregnancy blog (but still a family blog), and then it was a baby blog…

And then it just died.  And I starting posting to Instagram.  Which I love, BTW, you can check me out here.  And when I say check me out, you can check out food and baby pics.

So, I’m thinking up a name, and I want it to be quirky, and describe me, and catchy, and holy @#$% it doesn’t matter just name it something.

To sum up my blog (and myself), I’m a little bit of both worlds.  I love a rockin’ high heel, and I love yoga pants.  I love the days I’m at home with my awesome little family, and I love that I have an ah-mah-zing career at an incredible advertising agency.  I love to cook completely vegan meals and I only order the meatiest of entrees when I go out. It’s pretty simple (and pretty contrary, all at the same time).